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Keep the teeth together. 保持咬合  

Relax and make yourself comfortable.  

Relax your tongue. 

 Relax your shoulders. 

 It won't hurt much.  

Rinse your mouth, please. 请漱口 

 Please wash your mouth and spit out the water into the spittoon. 

 [medical history既往史]  First, I will ask you about your general health and allergies. 首先,我需要了解您的全身健康状况和过敏史。 

 How are your health conditions now? ( Excellent, Average, Poor) 您现在的身体状况如何? 

 Do you have any chronic disease? 您有什么慢性病吗? 

 Have you ever had a serious illness? 您有重大疾病史吗? 

 Do you have a family history of cancer? 

 Have you had any operations in the past? 您有手术史吗? 

 Have you had any serious accidents or injuries? 您有外伤史?

 Have you ever had a blood transfusion? 您有输过血?  

Do you have or have you ever had the disease of heart, liver or kidney? 您有心脏病,肝病和肾病?

 Are you suffering from hypertension? 您有高血压病史吗? 

 Have you had any diabetes? 您有糖尿病史吗? 

 Do you have a fever? 您有发烧吗? 

 How is your appetite? 您的食欲怎样?

Do you have any trouble in swallowing food? 您有吞咽困难的现象吗? 

 Do you take any medication regularly? 您目前有长期用药吗?

Are you taking any medicine regularly?你通常吃什么药吗?

Are you currently taking any medications?

Are you pregnant? 您有怀孕吗? 

Is your menstrual cycle regular? 您的月经规律吗?

Periods regular?月经规律吗?

When did your last period begin? 您末次月经是什么时候?  

Do you have any allergy? 您有过敏史吗?

Do you have any allergies?/Are you allergic to any medications, like penicillin?/Have you ever been allergic to anything?Have you ever had any adverse reactions to a local anesthetic? 您以前对局麻药有不良反应吗? 

Have you ever had an injection for anesthesia? 您以前用过麻醉药吗

Have you ever had an injection of procaine?  Have you ever had abnormal bleeding from an injury of a tooth extratction? 您有过伤口或拔牙创口出血不止的经历吗? 

Have you ever had complications from dental treatment? 您有过与治牙相关的并发症吗  

[general symptoms 一般症状]  What is your trouble?Is there anything particularly unusual?  Tell me what symptoms you have? 能描述一下您的症状吗?  

Since when?/When did this start?/When did you start having this problem?/When did this trouble start?/When did you first notice such conditions? 您第一次发现这种情况是什么时候?

How long has it been bothering you?  Have you already attended another hospital with your problems? 您有在其他医院看过吗?

Please tell me the name of the hospital, the period and the type of treatment you received. 请告诉我医院的名字,治疗方法和时间

When were you under the care of the doctor recently, tell me the symptoms you had. 您什么时  候接受的治疗,告诉我你的症状。 

 When did the tooth last have dental treatment? 最后一次治牙是什么时候?  

Do you have any other symptoms like ...  When did you become swollen up like this? 您什么时候肿成这样的  

How long did it bleed? 出血多长时间? 

When did the tooth start to hurt? 这牙什么时候开始痛?  

Show me where it hurts most right now?2. What kind of pain did you feel? 是那种类型的痛?  

Can you describe the pain? Is it a dull pain/a sharp pain/a throbbing pain? 您能描述一下您的疼痛吗?是钝痛/锐痛/跳痛? Does it come and go or come suddenly? 是间断痛还是突发痛?  

Does it spread anywhere else? 疼痛想其他地方放射吗?  

Was it sensitive to sweet food/cold water? 对甜食/冷水刺激敏感吗  

Did it hurt after eating and drinking? 吃饭和喝水时痛吗?  

Did the pain interfere with sleep? 夜间疼痛加重吗?  

Did pressure make it hurt? 您有咀嚼痛吗?  

Do you feel pain when I tap on this tooth? 当我叩您的牙时有疼痛吗?  

[periodontal disease 牙周病]  Did you have any bleeding from your gums? 您的牙龈有出过血吗?

Did the gums bleed for no apparent reason at all? 您的牙龈是不明原因的出血吗?  

Did your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? 您刷牙时有出血吗?  

Did your gums bleed when you eat hard food, like an apple? 咬硬物时,比如苹果有出血吗牙龈? 

Have you noticed any bleeding spots on your skin? 您皮肤上有出血点吗? 

Did food get caught between your teeth? 您塞牙吗?  

Do you feel any of your teeth loose? 您感觉哪个牙有松动吗?  

Do you notice that you breathe through your mouth? 您注意到您有口呼吸吗?

Do you snore? 您有打呼噜吗?

Do you have a habit of grinding your teeth at night? 您有夜间磨牙的吗?

Do you have a habit of clenching your teeth? 您有紧咬牙的习惯吗?  

Do you have anyone in your family who had serious gum disease? 您的家人有患牙龈病的吗?  

Has a dentist ever told you that you have gingivitis or periodontitis? 有医生告诉过您,您有牙龈炎或者牙周炎吗?  [temporomandibular joint dysfunction 关节功能紊乱]  Do you have any of the following symptoms: noise in the joints ,headache, a stiff shoulder, or sleepless at night? 您有一下什么症状吗:关节弹响、头痛、肩膀僵直或者失眠?  

Do you feel that it is difficult to open your mouth now? 开口困难吗?  

Do your joint sound strange when you open your mouth? 开口时关节有弹响吗?  

Do you feel sore here when I press this place? 我按压的部位有痛吗?  

On which side of your mouth do you chew most often when you eat food? 您通常用哪侧咀嚼?  

[拍片]  Please take off your clothes above the waist.  

Then come over here and hold on to this, with your front flat against the plate.  

Put your hands like this and your shoulders forward like this,and re  st your chin here.  

I'll give you instructions(指导,说明) over the microphone.  

Take a deep breath, then breathe out,and hold your breath. Good. Now, keep breathing in and out. Don't be nervous. Don't move while the machine is moving.  

Right.That's finished. You can put your clothes on now  [Local anesthesia局部麻醉]  

Are you feeling a pain when I use the drill? Then I will use an injection for anesthesia? 当我钻牙时有感觉痛吗?如果有,我将给您打针麻药  

The decay is very deep, so I will use a local anesthetic before drilling. 龋洞很深,在钻牙前我将给您打一针麻药  

Please breathe deeply and slowly. 请深呼吸  

I will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the surface of the gum. It will lessen the discomfort of the injection. 我将用表麻药来麻醉您的牙龈  

You may feel a little sting when I give the injection. 当我注射麻药时,您可能会感觉到有点针刺感  

Now you've gotten the injection.  Now, do you feel numb? /Are your lips and tongue numb? 您的嘴唇和舌头麻了吗?

Do you have a sensation of swelling on the lips and the tongue?  The anesthetic will take effect in about four minutes. 四分钟左右麻药会起效  

If you feel your heart palpitate a little, it doesn't matter. That's the effect of the procaine, and it'll soon be over.  The anesthetic will wear off in about two or three hours. 两三小时后麻醉效果会消失  

The numb feeling will continur for two or three hours.麻木的感觉会持续两三个小时  

While eating, please be careful not to bite on your lips or tongue.  

[suggestions建议]  this doesn't look (too) good.  

This tooth is in very bad condition.

It needs a careful operation, which may last a little longer than usual.  

This tooth is too bad to be filled any more.

It has to be pulled. Do you agree to have it extracted?  

I think we may have to pull out your wisdom tooth(智齿). 

It's pressing against your molars and that's one of the reasons you are experiencing so much pain.  

I also noticed a small cavity up front here, so you are going to need a filling.  

it looks like you have a cavity(龋齿) and your crown is loose. 

We'll need to put in a filling before it gets any worse, and the crown probably needs to be refitted.  

I'm going to order some x-rays./I'm going to give you an X-ray.  

First we will take some x-rays and see what we're dealing with.  

In any case, I'll administer an anesthetic(麻醉药) and you won't feel a thing!  

maybe you are eating too many sweets.  

Please remember,don't eat too many sweet things..

They are not good for your teeth.  And you should brush your teeth twice a day or three times a day.  

floss(用牙线清洁)or brush your teeth three times a day. 

 It will help if you .../... is also helpful.  Keep an eye on ...  

If you take my advice,you will be better than now.  

[tooth brushing instruction 刷牙指导]  

how often do you brush your teeth?  

Do you like to eat chocolates or ca  ndies?  

Please hold this hand mirror and look in your mouth, can you see the redness in your gums? 拿着镜子看看自己的口腔,看见您的牙龈很红了吗? 

Now, I will show you how to brush your teeth using this dental model. 现在我将在模型上演示如何刷牙  

Place the toothbrush at the junction of the gums and the teeth like this. 将牙刷放在牙龈和牙齿的联合部位 

 Place the bristles of the brush ninety degrees to the gumline. 刷毛和牙龈缘呈90度  

Move the tooth brush back and forth with short, vibrating stokes. 用短距离,振动的力量前后移动牙刷  

Please move the brush downwards on the upper teeth and upwards on the lower teeth. 刷上颌时牙刷应向下移动,刷下颌时牙刷应向上移动  

Move it in a circular motion about ten times at the same place.每部位刷十次  

You should change your brush when the bristles get frayed. 当牙刷毛变弯曲时您应该更换牙刷  

Your brush should be replaced about once every mouth. 每月换一次牙刷  

Dental floss is used to clean between your teeth. 牙线可用来清洁牙间隙  

First take about forty centimeters of floss. 首先准备40cm长的牙线  

Wrap the floss around your middle fingers like this. 象这样将牙线饶在中指上  

Control the floss by pinching it with index fingers and thumbs like this. 通过示指和拇指的牵拉来控制牙线  

Put one finger in the mouth, and the other outside. 一个手指在口内,另一个在口外  

Use an up-and-down scrapping motion on the sides of each tooth. 在每个牙的各个面上下摩擦  

If your interdental space is large, you had better use interdental brush to clean between the teeth. 如果您的间隙太大 最好用间隙刷 






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